Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review:KOSE Intellige Sebum Quick Remover

left one is Sebum quick up SP,right one is Sebum remover mask SP

I never use KOSE product before,until I passed through their counter and....(somebody should slap me)..but actually i wanted to try their Intellige Sebum Quick Remover because a salesgirl told me that i've lots of blackhead and should try this product..I could do anything to remove my damn blackheads..So i just approached the beauty consultant and have a talk with her..She said my blackhead is the stubborn type and can't use the normal exfoliator to exfoliate the blackhead.I agree with her.This product comes with a tube of sebum remover mask SP(60ml) and a small bottle of sebum quick up SP(20g)..

Before i applying the mask,i've to apply the sebum quick up first.It acts like a gum for easier removal of blackheads(function as catalyst). After i applied a layer of the mask on my nose,it dries up really quickly.I could feel that the mask is pulling all my blackhead from my nose(tightening effect).About 8 minutes later(in a country like MALAYSIA,you might just need 5 minutes only to wait for the mask to dry off) ,i peel off the mask.WOW,I can see 90% of my blackhead standing on my mask.Those blackheads really look like small needles(white colour)..I'm satisfied with the result..

PROS:Remove my stubborn blackhead,whitehead,facial hair(nose hair actually) and other impurities effectively,not painful,don't waste time(as it dries up quickly)

CONS:Quite pricey(RM120)(both items)


SIZE:Sebum quick up(20g),Sebum remover mask(60ml)

WHERE TO BUY:All KOSE counters