Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review:KOSE Seikisho Mask White

I made my second trip to KOSE again to buy the SEIKISHO MASK WHITE..I dare not use peel-off type mask coz it will enlarge the pores..but after using KOSE Intellige Sebum Quick Remover,I've changed my mind and want to try their another peel-off type mask.

It comes with a safety seal inside,the seal is quite tight and i spend some time to open it..I'm surprised as the mask is black in colour not white in colour(it should be named mask black).Smells a bit like laundry detergent(I'm not good in describing the smell,hahaha).I apply a thick and even layer on my face.In Malaysia,we only need approximately 15 minutes for the mask to get dry.Caution:Hair is easily stained by the mask,just use water to rinse it.

PROS:Remove facial hair,impurities,blackhead and whitehead effectively,dries up easily,not painful,skin is brighter..





WHERE TO BUY:All KOSE counters