Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review:Nutox Oxyfusion Skin Refining Astringent vs. ~H2o+ Oasis Mist

Both are mist.What is mist??Mist and toner are quite alike,just that mist can be carried around whereas toner cannot.You need to use a cotton pad and soak it with toner whereas mist you don't need.In order to apply mist,you just have to spray it directly on your face and toner can't.Function of toner is more to minimize pores but mist is more to instant hydration.

Nutox oxyfusion skin refining astringent:Made of bird nests collagen,claims to supply oxygen to your skin.As you know,bird's nest has been women's elixir to stay young and beautiful.Well,people usually eat bird's nest not apply it on the skin.According to the information on their website,it is the latest skincare from through a 5 years of research.It's the most effective Youth Restoring skincare with Bird's Nest using Oxygen therapy,sounds good right?????
Does it works??I would say:"YES".I still remember I use it in the bus on the way to Kuala Lumpur.My skin became dehydrated because of the air-con..Then i took out the astringent and sprayed on my face..My skin became hydrated back after some time.BUT it don't smell like bird's nest..The worst thing is,my aunt who sat beside me took it and sprayed it on her neck=_=""OMG,she thinked that's perfume,nevermind,the direction states that it can be used on the neck too..

~H20+ Oasis Mist:Made of Wakame,sea lettuce,sea fennel,himanthalia,spirulina,nori,Provitamin B,A,C,E..So nutritious and hydrating(all of the ingredients make me think of sea)
Does it works??I would say:"YES".My skin indeed hydrated BUT it's a bit bigger and not convenient to carry around compared to Nutox astringent.It looks like a hair spray..HOWEVER its smell is lighter than Nutox astringent.

CONCLUSION:Both are nutritious,hydrating and refreshing.BUT the Nutox astringents' smell is heavier(Lets say that Nutox astringent is EDP and Oasis mist is EDT)

PRICE:Nutox(RM22-23)(I bought it during WATSON's big sale,RM19.90)
~H2o+(RM89)(I also bought it during ~H2o+ mid year sale,RM80.10,10% off)



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