Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review:Nutox Oxyfusion Bird’s Nest Miracle Bar --------Miracle???

Hello everyone.I've been so busy lately because I gonna graduate soon.I want to review this product really long time ago but I'm not free(lame excuse right??)

Let me introduce to you the one and only Nutox Oxyfusion Bird’s Nest Miracle Bar!!!

It is paraben-free,soap-free and fragrance-free!!!

Nutox Oxyfusion Bird’s Nest Miracle Bar is an ultra mild,non alkaline ph5.5 cleansing bar that is soap-free and fragrance-free,infuses with BNest Collagen™,it cleanses,moisturizes,whitens and firms the skin to reveal a flawless and youthful complexion. Bird’s Nest Miracle Bar is a unique formula from Europe that comes highly recommended by Nutox experts.It is suitable for sensitive skin.

It has the smell of bird's nest extract.How to use it?Just lather up and apply it to your face and neck.I feel refreshed after I've used it.Maybe it does supply oxygen to my skin.I think it cleanses my skin properly.It does not strip the moisture layer of my skin too.What I dislike about it??It provides immediate tightening effect because one of the function of this cleansing bar is firming the skin.I personally don't like tightening effect.How about you??

PROS:My skin feels refreshed,moisture is retained

CONS:My skin feels very tight

SIZE:1 piece=50g,2 pieces in a box.


ORIGIN:All Nutox products are made in Penang,Malaysia(my hometown!!!!)

WHERE TO BUY:Watson,Guardian


*This product is provided by Tohtonku for the purpose of review.