Friday, March 11, 2011

Review:With Vichy AeraMineral BB Cream SPF20,skin can breathe throughout the day!!!

Bonjour!!!Why I speak French??Because I'm going to review a BB cream that is made in France-Vichy AeraMineral BB Cream SPF20.According to Vichy laborataries,it's the 1st mineralized blemish balm cream to help women achieve a healthy and radiant look inside-out.Is that true??YES,IT IS!!!!!!!IT IS SO TRUE!!!

As I have said before,BB Cream is a great invention by skincare experts because it's a multi functional product-skincare and makeup.BB=Blemish Balm.However,Vichy invented a BB cream that fades out dark spots,blemish,wrinkles and at the same time,allows our skin to breathe.


my friends have been calling me TOMATO(because of my red cheeks)since donkey years ago.I'm famous for that!!!


I can say bye bye to redness,hohoho!!!!
(I didn't get enough sleep in China,can see dark circles under my eyes.)

*For your information,I never edit my photos.(except for adding a few words)

First of all,I don't feel like applying something on my face after application of BB cream.(Vichy uses “Air-pillow” technology which contains a type of “water in oil” emulsion that offers long-lasting comfort, suppleness and 24-hour hydration without leaving an oily or sticky effect.)It means my skin can breathe,that's a good thing as I won't have blocked pores!!Second,my skin complexion is naturally unified(looks flawless) for long time.It's formulated with glycerin and hyaluronic acid which hydrate our skin.Vitamin C and Vitamin E help to protect the skin against external aggression while concurrently soothe and fortify the skin thus reinforcing the skin’s cellular health.(Everyone knows that the air is seriously polluted,Vitamin C&E are the best agents to fight against free radicals.)Best of all,it has SPF20 UV filters.It can act as sunblock(skincare) and makeup(foundation).

Well,I don't have wrinkles so I can't conclude whether it can fade out wrinkles but one thing I'm sure is it can fade out blemish and dark spot.As you can see from the image,it did quite a good job in concealing redness!!You have to apply slightly more BB cream on big&red pimples to conceal it.How much I use for the whole face??The size of a big pearl to be exact.Is it suitable for all skin types??Yes,it is hypoallergenic and paraben free!!In a nutshell,my skin is smooth,supple and hydrated.It's worth a try!

PROS:Skin looks flawless,smooth and soft,not oily,lasting,does not break me out,affordable,even my skin tone,it is hypoallergenic and paraben-free!!!!




WHERE TO BUY:Watson,Guardian

RATE:10/10(haha,really good!!!)

UPDATES:Vichy is no longer available in Malaysia and I don't know why....

*This product is provided by Vichy for the purpose of review.